Are you looking for the perfect place to live? Are you near retirement? Maybe you are simply trying to find a low cost place to live while you commute to work. Find a beautiful location near the beach that is both affordable and close to great shopping and services you want!!!  

For thousands of Americans, the answer lies in Baja California; where the low cost of living, stunning beaches and laid back lifestyle are simply too good to pass by. For many years, Baja was the home of retirees, but today many young professionals are moving into the cities of Playas  de Tijuana and Rosarito;  finding low cost places to live while they commute to work.On average you can find a larger, more spacious house to rent for half or less of what it costs in the San Diego area; it’s no wonder so many people are making the trip to Baja California!!!

Baja Rosarito Realty can make your dream of living comfortably for far less money a reality. Own or rent a home for far less than you could in the Southern California area of comparable size. Thanks to recent changes in Mexican law, citizens of the US can now own property in Mexico through several different means.  

The advantages of living in Baja California start with the stunning beaches that line the coast which are frequent tourist destinations; you can enjoy them anytime you want when living in Baja.  Featuring spectacular weather most of the year, enjoy beautiful sunsets and gorgeous scenery when you look outside your window. The weather and scenery alone, make Baja one of the most perfect place to live in the North American continent.

With the influx of large American businesses, you can also enjoy great shopping in the Baja region; which includes established companies such as Home Depot, Office Depot and Walmart to find what you need. Also, for grocery shopping there are the impressive supermarkets such as Calimax and Comercial Mexicana which have a wide variety of food products that will help you enjoy home cooking. In addition to all of this, there are plenty of fine dine restaurants and eating establishments in the area that will certainly please your diverse palate.

Many of the homes featured are located in gated subdivisions; complete with security guards for safe, secure living 24 hours a day. You will immediately notice the peacefulness of the neighborhoods that are built with the idea of having a safe home. You can choose from any one of these gated communities for your future place to call home.

The advantages of living in Baja are based around the far lower cost of living in Mexico. The cost of real estate, construction, labor, materials and building permits are a mere fraction compared to California. So you can build the home of your dreams from scratch if you wish.

Baja Rosarito Realty can offer more than just the opportunity to build the home of your dreams. We can provide you with the little things; appliance stores, cable companies, landscaping etc. Our services do not stop at the purchase of your home. We want you to be comfortable in your new location and are always here to help.

The emphasis on tourism in the region has led to the development of many different attractions, local events and centers of entertainment that make this part of Mexico comparable to living in a large US city for what is offered. Baja offers plenty for those looking at a quiet, healthy place to live as well as an exciting nightlife the choice is yours in Baja.

Setting up financing is no trouble at all thanks to the networking we do at Baja Rosarito Realty, the Baja Title Legal Consulting offers the primary services in the region for financing, closing, escrow services, title insurance, issues of immigration and all types of legal consulting when it comes to purchasing property in Baja. They are the experts with many years of experience in the purchasing of homes for those who are US citizens as well as people from around the world.

While the process of purchasing a home in Baja may seem complicated at first, the friendly, courteous staff at Baja Rosarito Realty will help insure the process goes smoothly and as quick as possible. But to help ease any concerns about purchasing a home in Mexico, we offer a step by step account of how this process works for you to obtain the property you want.

When there is interest in a property in Baja from a purchaser who is not a Mexican citizen, the mechanism that allows the purchase to be made is done through a Mexican Bank Trust which allows citizens of the US as well as other countries to make purchases of real estate property, abiding by all the local laws. This Trust was set up to allow investment into Mexican property by foreigners to help grow and expand opportunities in Mexico. 

These Trusts are set up for 50 year cycles and can be renewed for an additional 50 year period. During this time, the homeowner can transfer their interest to other parties while keeping all the benefits of owning the property as long as they comply with the local laws as well, including paying taxes and so forth. A big advantage is that because the property is in Mexico, there is no inheritance tax for acquiring the property.

These Trusts or as they are known, Fideicomisos are a simple and a safe method for investing in Baja real estate. All that is needed for the Bank is a copy of the real estate deed, draft property, the names of the beneficiaries (i.e. your address, phone number, etc.) and the agreed upon purchase price. Once all the information has been received, it will be legalized by a Mexican notary public who has a far more noted position in Mexico than their US counterparts.

After this process is completed, you will own the land under the trust for 50 years with renewals occurring every 50 years as long as you or those you deed the land to decide to keep the property. Basically, as long as you pay the appropriate taxes and fees which are quite familiar to most US citizens including utilities, property taxes, maintenance and trustee fees and so forth, the property is yours without question and can be sold to another person, whether from Mexico, the US or another country as long as the Trust process is followed.

However, you will have to pay a Trust fee every year with the property as well as your other expenses. Generally speaking this is $500 per year starting when the Trust is first signed and it will go up according to the inflation rate in the US at the time. Still, when you consider the substantially lower prices of the house, tax and maintenance fees the annual Trust payment is small potatoes compared to what you would pay for a similar size home in the San Diego area.  

Living in Baja California certainly has many advantages over living in Southern California when you look at the cost alone. Even if you are commuting, the surprisingly low prices of even rental properties make it easy to choose living in this region and commuting to work which are still far lower than for getting a similar size dwelling in the San Diego area.

Plus, if you are looking for a place to retire, the substantially lower cost of living in Mexico combined with living in a clean, secure home along some of the finest beaches in the area will be of great help if you are living on a fixed income. The savings alone when compared to a similar size home in California or many areas of the US has been enough to convince thousands to move to Baja to take advantage of the lower cost of living while still have the higher living standards found in the US.

When you are considering taking advantage of the substantially lower price for homes along some of the best beaches in the Baja region, you need Baja Rosarito Realty to help you find the home you want that fits your pocketbook as well as providing top quality service.